Samantha Mendoza was born in Central California. Her journey into printmaking began at College of the Sequoias in 2010, under her mentor and friend Richard Peterson. She graduated with her BFA in Printmaking at the Kansas City Art Institute in 2015 and is currently pursuing her M.F.A. at Northern Illinois University.



"Personal memories and experiences combine with impressions emerging from literature, film, myth, and environments I find come into contact with. Emotions and internal dissonance are stirred using a symbol-heavy compositions.

These narratives mostly deal with investigations flirt with ideas about femininity, mental health, and human fallibility. Elements from varying time periods, cultures, rituals, and atmospheres help to fabricate pieces that lie between the realm of mystery and familiarity.

My studio practice relies heavily on drawing through figurative representation. These works are usually executed through various printmaking methods, or ink drawings– all depending on the type of mark-making the imagery calls for. The level of labor serves as both a means of catharsis as well as an indulgence, pushing the intricacy to satisfy my hunger for ornamentation and detail"